Saturday, May 31, 2014

Project ADHD!

Too many projects going on right now. Some are sitting, waiting.  Others are getting a little work done here and there.  Here is a quick update on all things crochet happening right now!

Mood Blanket 2014

The mood blanket continues to grow. Still an interesting process. Really working hard to let the moods dictate the colors and not manipulate the choices.


I've worked a little on connecting the squares that will eventually be curtains in my bedroom window.  Need to focus more attention on this very soon!  All the squares are ready to go.

Circles to Squares

I'm actually much farther than these pictures show, just haven't taken new pictures for a long time. I have a shoebox filled with the smaller circles, already squared with white yarn.  Most of the large circles are done, too.

I have no update on my shawl pattern yet. Ran out of yarn - so until I place an order, that project is going nowhere. Not a problem - I started a NEW project anyway!

Owl Obsession

This is a pattern I've wanted to make for a very long time, but didn't have a reason.  A dear family friend is having her first baby in the fall.  I now have the perfect reason to make this adorable blanket.

The pattern is well written, with excellent pictures, easy to follow.  Highly recommend to anyone who has thought about making this one! (The title is a link, but if you google Owl Obsession, you will find it. This is a very popular pattern.)

A few early pictures... I have more work to do!  Using Stylecraft Merry-Go-Round in rainbow for the motifs, my blanket is turning out considerably smaller than it would be if I were using the recommended yarn, Chroma Worsted.  I'm going to remedy this simply by making two extra rows both horizontally and vertically.  It will be fine. I am not using button eyes, as this will be for a baby.  The pupils are stitched in a little black yarn. I'm attaching the octagons and squares as I go, but I'm using a needle and the long tails of white yarn to whip stitch the seams.  It's coming together fairly quickly.

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