I spent a lot of time researching and thinking about chickens before we finally took the plunge and set up a coop.

And everything I thought I knew....well it was just the tip of the iceberg.  Chickens are hilarious. They have their own personalities. When we go out back, they follow us around like puppies. At night, they put themselves to bed, we simply need to lock up the coop. But occasionally, they will roost in places they should not (like a tall tree!)

It's been two years now, and while there are things I would do differently if I could start over, I would still raise chickens.

Baby chick....
 Juvenile hens, probably about 12 weeks old.
 Our coop....a design I would not use again.  Wish I were in a position to replace it!
 Our first egg next to a grocery store the girls lay medium to large size eggs.
 Martha, an Australorp, and favorite of my husband.
 Lucy, our Salmon Faverolle, who likes to go "broody."  It was fun the first time around, but now, it's something I could live without.