Friday, December 7, 2012

Mixed Stripe Update #2 - Beginning Details

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Slow going, but making good progress.  
From left to right:
  • 5 rows of all half double crochet in various colors
  • 3 rows of granny stripe (red, pink, red)
  • 2 rows hdc, in 2 shades of blue 
  • The zig zag section, or "chevron" is meadow green and shrimp
  • 1 row single crochet - plum, 1 row hdc - magenta, 1 row sc - plum, 1 row hdc - light pink
  • Next row - dark blue - 4 double crochet clusters
  • hdc - spring green
  • 4 double crochet clusters - medium pink (fondant, I think)
  • 3 rows - 2hdc, 1 sc -  yellow
  • Bobble stitch section - light blue and dark pink
  • 5 rows of various colors - all in the pink/purple/red family, some sc, some hdc
  • Outlined Cluster Pattern, dk blue green and spring green
  • Another section with rows of hdc - various colors - 6 rows total
  • The Catherine Wheel - dark pink & light pink.* (Next time I do this pattern, I'm switching to one size larger hook. I tried to make it loose, but it pulls in a bit. Frustrating!)
  • 8 more rows - various colors - hdc and sc
  • 5 rows - granny stripe - medium green, lipstick, magenta
  • 4 rows hdc - various colors
  • 2 rows sc - blue
  • Beginning on another chevron stripe - yellow and..... the center will be plum

Okay - that's what we've got so far.  For details on the stitches, please visit Little Woollie, as I'm mostly following her crochet-along. My only deviations have been in the number of sc or hdc rows between the various patterns. 

Quick comment about using sc or hdc rows - you can do whatever you want. I find the sc rows to be slow and very thin, so I tend to favor the hdc - however - there are times when I want a really thin stripe of a color, so I'll use it.  And sometimes I use it for two rows of the same color because it gives a little different look - denser, maybe? than using the hdc.  Bottom line - it doesn't matter! Do whatever strikes your fancy at the moment. Your choice might be dictated by a small ball of leftover yarn that needs using up, or by a desire to have a bigger block of color. There are no wrong answers.