Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mixed Stripes #3

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In the last post, I had just started the yellow and plum chevron stripe.
Next, there are ten rows in seven colors - I started with 1 hdc of Aster, 1 hdc Turquoise, 1 sc - Cloud Blue, 2 hdc - Spring Green, 2 hdc - Sherbet, 2 hdc - Clematis, 1 hdc Wisteria.  I have no idea why I decided to do the Cloud Blue row as sc. You can hardly see it. 

The next section is the popcorn stitch with Lipstick as the background color and the popcorns in Aspen. I followed the tutorial from Tales from Cuckoo Land, as recommended by Jules. 

This is followed by 5 rows: 1 row hdc each in Sage, Plum, Fondant, and 2 rows hdc in Cloud Blue.

Next pattern - 4 dc clusters, with a row of hdc in between.
4 dc clusters - Pomegranate, hdc - Saffron, 4 dc clusters - Aspen, hdc - Wisteria, 4 dc clusters - Shrimp

2 rows hdc - Turquoise, 1 row hdc - Magenta, 1 row hdc - Clematis

New pattern: star stitch.  This is not included in the stripe blanket on Little Woollie. She has used it for an entire blanket, because it has a vintage feel.  I liked it, and wanted to try it out, so why not include it! I used Wisteria for this. It takes 3 rows to complete a star stitch pattern.  I followed Jules' advice and used the tutorial at the Crochet Spot.  

Next - 1 row hdc in Plum and 1 in Spring Green.

Catherine Wheel - Aster & Sherbet.  Jules has good instructions for this here. No need for me to write it out again! I do think it helps to look at the Catherine Wheel close up, to figure it out.  

Now I'm completely caught up with the crochet-along and I have a decision to make:  wait for Jules to post an update, or keep going and make my own decisions. I tend to be rather impatient, so I doubt I'll wait!