Veggie Life

We are a family of four - three total vegetarians, and one mostly veg. Thing One was the first in the family to go veg. She was nine at the time. (Now she's over 21 - so you do the math!)  Thing Two, the hubby, and I all followed her in 2006.

Why one "mostly veg?" Well, the hubby still craves and misses meat. He hates eating it - avoids it most of the time - but on rare occasions he indulges, and then feels guilty.  I appreciate that he really wants to be vegetarian.  His situation is complicated by a rare auto-immune disease that has caused muscle deterioration. No, it is not related to our dietary lifestyle.

Each of us made the personal decision to choose a vegetarian diet. We respect every person's right to choose, without question or ridicule. It's been fascinating to see how some people react. Most are respectful, but once in a while, we encounter people who seem personally offended - even attacked - by our decision. It's amazing.

I love to cook, and I really love to eat. Following a recipe is usually reserved for baking - although I will read recipes and use them for inspiration.  I hope you enjoy our culinary adventures!