Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mixed Stripes, Update 6

A little more progress...

My last update stopped with the row of Meadow - DC clusters. So we will pick up here with the yellow.

1 row hdc - Saffron
2 rows hdc - Wysteria
Star Stitch - Shrimp
1 row hdc - Aster
1 row sc - Fondant
2 row sc - Magenta
2 rows hdc - Spring Green
Outline Cluster - Lipstick & Sherbet
2 rows hdc - Cloud Blue
1 hdc - Pomegranate
1 hdc - Spring Green
1 hdc - Wysteria

As of today, this blanket is 7 1/2 feet wide and 4 1/2 feet long. I'd say that makes it about half way done.  I feel like I've accomplished so much...but it will never be finished. My tendency has always been to make really big blankets.  When I was a kid (high school!) I made a giant broomstick blanket - ambitious for a teenager! Working with the broomstick stitch across long rows was not easy. Thirty years later, I still have it somewhere. Anyway, the point is, I like big blankets!  (I feel a new blog post coming on.... "I Like Big Blankets, and I Cannot Lie!")  I've just never had a project take so long.  I started this four months ago and it's only halfway.  My groovyghan is just as big, and was finished in 3 months.  Oh well, I do love this project, so I will just keep going....and order another pack of Stylecraft DK from Deramore's!

The edge was curling in, so I'm holding it flat for you to see the stripes.  That happens to me when the rows start from the same side, instead of flipping the work and going back and forth.  When I do 2 rows of the same color, I always flip the work. Sometimes, I flip even if I'm doing one row and changing colors. Sometimes, I don't flip it. I've made those decisions as I go, depending on the look I want.  I have not indicated whether I flipped or not in these instructions, but most of the time, I do flip it.

In this picture (from an earlier spot in the blanket) I worked single rows of sc, switching colors for each row, and flipping the work.  You can see when the rows were worked on the wrong side, sandwiched between rows worked on the right side, less of that color shows through.  The shrimp and meadow were worked on the wrong side - so they appear as thinner stripes on the right side, even though it is all the same stitch. Does that make sense?  It gives a little different look.  Compare it to the picture above, those last three rows are all hdc, all worked on the right side.

At the end of the day, it is personal choice. I really like the variety of widths in the stripes in my blanket.  I like that some stripes barely show through, and others are wider and bolder.  

I would love to see what other people are doing.  If you are following Little Woolie's CAL, too, post a link to your blanket!