Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mixed Stripes, Update 5

The last update ended with the bobble row. Here's what I've added since:
2 row hdc - fondant
1 row hdc - sherbet
1 row hdc - aster
1 row sc - shrimp
1 row sc - wisteria
1 row sc - meadow
1 row hdc - fondant
Chevron stripe - plum and wisteria
2 rows hdc - aspen
1 row sc - aster (hard to see in this picture, but it's there!)
1 row hdc - citron
1 row - 4 dc clusters - turquoise
1 row hdc - clematis
1 row - 4 dc clusters - magenta
1 row hdc - cloud blue
1 row - 4 dc clusters - meadow

A word about color choices - I have a bag filled with small balls of this yarn. I'm trying to use some of that up before I open the lovely NEW yarn, that is waiting - and calling my name.  I made an exception for that chevron row in plum. I needed a bold color and opened the new skein.  So what does this tell you about the order of colors?  I have NO plan! I open the bag and grab a ball that looks big enough to make it through the stitch I want to use next.  That's pretty much it.  And I think that's working out nicely.  

The blanket is starting to get really big - covering about half of my king sized bed. I'm estimating, when all is said and done,  it will have used up more than 30 skeins of yarn. It's heavy - with nice dense stitches - so definitely a winter blanket.  I hope I am able to finish it before summer arrives!