Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ch Ch Ch Changes.....

Holy Cow! Have I been busy!

Started a new job in June - which is incredible, amazing, emotional, overwhelming, and more.  I'm the new Executive Director of Good Grief of Northwest Ohio, providing peer support programs for grieving children. The organization is brand new, so lots and lots to do.  In the beginning, this had my emotions stirring, as I was the kid who needed this program when none existed. 

From age 14 - 20, my Dad was battling cancer. He died at 51. Way too young. Along with my 5 siblings (we ranged from 5 - 19 when the cancer was diagnosed) I spent 6 tumultuous years preparing for his death. Nightmarish is putting it nicely.  It's been 28 years, and I worked through the sadness and grief long ago, but I'm still in awe thinking about what we managed it.  It's a bit like a Lifetime Movie! (Come to think of it, maybe I should sell the rights? lol)  Anyway, when I heard about Good Grief, I knew I had to learn more.  

At the same time I started the new job, I was shopping and packing up my girls to ship them down to Manchester, Tennessee for Bonnaroo.  I researched blogs for packing lists and survival tips to ensure they would have everything they needed.  I kissed them goodbye Tuesday, and sent them to Grandma's in Cincinnati for a night (to break up the drive). They left Grandma's Wednesday and made their way to Tennessee.  I talked with them briefly that evening, while they sat in a ridiculously long car line, waiting to get to their "campsite."  At 1:00 a.m. Toledo time, they called to say they finally finished setting up the tent. Crazy! 

We only talked a few times during the trip - which is great. They were busy seeing amazing bands, and hanging out with friends. Thing Two literally cried seeing Paul McCartney in concert.  They were in heaven.  And I earned the title: BEST MOM EVER! 

One other exciting tidbit from summer - I had THREE broody hens all at once. Seriously! Lucy, Maggie, and Abbey, (why yes - those all are names from Beatles songs) were pining away for babies.  I sent Abbey to a friend's house to hatch a batch of special, Black Copper Marans eggs. We were hoping she would adjust, and decide to do the work, but no such luck. Of course, we kidnapped her and moved her to a new box, so what did we expect?  

After three weeks, Lucy finally gave up, leaving just Maggie, hanging out in the box, trying to hatch eggs that will never hatch. Cranky, hormonal hens are a force to be reckoned with!  

And that was summer!