Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gardening, Movies, Doctor Who.... Spring!

Here's a little bit of what I've been "up to" lately.... not included in these pics, my two new blackberry bushes, a gorgeous white spirea, and loads of annuals for the boxes on my deck rail.  I love spring, but it certainly is a lot of work!

I took gardening and work breaks to see the new Great Gatsby movie (absolutely horrible - still trying to erase it from my mind) and the new Star Trek movie (AMAZING - can't wait to see it again!)

Are you a Doctor Who fan?  HOLY COW! Saw the season finale last night, and am still speculating about what it all means.  Do I really have to wait until fall for more?

Anyway, back to the garden... This is the gorgeous azalea in front of my house. It's huge and covered with purple blooms. LOVE it!

Got two of these big red double knock-out roses from Costco for jut $13.99. They will fill out and be covered with gorgeous red blossoms all summer.

New, soft pink azalea in the backyard....

This azalea is white, and also in the backyard...

Lucy - broody and evicted from the nesting box.