Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mixed Stripe Progress, Update 4

I've fixed my mistake and reworked all the rows I had to remove. So glad to be moving forward again!  
I ended the last update with the blue Catherine Wheel, here is what's been added.  If you are following Jules on Little Woollie, you'll see I've deviated just a little from her pattern, putting things in a slightly different order. 
2 rows sc - lipstick
2 rows hdc - meadow
2 rows sc - citron
star stitch - aspen
2 rows hdc - pomegranate
2 rows hdc - wisteria
outline clusters - shrimp & aster (quick note - in the shrimp, instead of sc rows, I did hdc.)
3 rows hdc - magenta
4 rows hdc - cloud blue
Catherine Wheel - clematis & magenta
2 rows hdc - spring green
2 rows hdc - fondant
2 rows sc - plum
5 rows granny stripes - wisteria, turquoise, citron, turquoise, wisteria
2 rows sc - lipstick
1 row hdc - sherbet
bobble row - meadow & fondant

For this project, my yarn is Stylecraft Special DK, the pre-selected colorpack of 17.