Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mixed Stripe Revisions, and Other Yarns

I made a mistake with the Catherine Wheel stitch - omitting the three stitches in between each motif - which caused those rows to be significantly shorter than the preceding rows.  You can't tell in the other pictures, but it was painfully obvious to me. I kept trying to ignore it - thinking I could find a way to compensate. Finally, I gave in to reality and removed the first Catherine Wheel section - the one in two shades of pink.  I was able to do this, maintaining the two blanket pieces as separate, intact, works.  So painful to rip that out. Sometimes, I hate facing reality.

Now, I'm reworking the pink Catherine Wheel, and all the rows that followed, getting my blanket back up to where it was. Unfortunately, the section I removed is bigger than the section I'm building on. Right now, I'm using that discarded section as a winter wrap, wearing it around my shoulders in the cold evenings. 

This shows the strip I removed, what was left with from the first section, and the new Catherine Wheel underway.

 Above - the section I'm temporarily wearing as a shawl. Eventually, it will become it's own blanket.  I detached it from the other section on the left - at the dark blue. The light blue was added so that all those loops wouldn't pull out, unraveling the stitches.  I used the light blue to make a modified "broomstick" stitch - grabbing 4 loops and making 4 single crochets in the tops, then moving to the next set of loops and doing the same.  Usually, broomstick lace uses longer loops, but this was the best solution I had to my predicament, and I love this blanket. It's so pretty! I'd hate to lose all that work. 

Here is the actual blanket, Catherine Wheel reworked, and a few of the replacement rows completed.  Lots more to do. I hope it goes quickly!

On another note, I spent a little time over the holidays finishing up another project. I joined several Block A Month groups on Ravelry last year, with good intentions.  My yarn was Caron's Simply Soft in plum. I ended up hating that yarn, and abandoning the the project. 8 squares were done - and they sat all year. I made one more square, connected them all, and made a border. I like the textures of the squares.  Pay no attention to those two doggies under the  blanket. I didn't have the heart to make them move. 

This shows the upper right corner better. The first picture doesn't really fit it in. 

The border is a combination of rows of single crochet, half doubles, doubles, a row of star stitch, and more singles and doubles.  It's not quite done.

This is the blanket Thing One is working on. She chose the yarn as one of her Christmas gifts, and started right away on a Hexagon blanket, connecting as she goes. I love it!