Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chickens CAN fly!

I went into the "chicken room" this morning to check on the babies. It's part of my new routine: change their water, check their food, and hold each chick for a few minutes.  We are making it a point to hold them for a little while several times during the day, in an effort to get them comfortable with being handled.  Some of them are not too fond of this process, although Sunday evening, several chicks fell asleep in hand.  Very sweet.

Back to this morning - I was very surprised to find only 5 chicks in the brooder box.  Loretta, one of our Easter Eggers, had flown the coop! She was walking around outside of the box.  Fortunately, she is one of the calmer birds, so catching her was easy.   We now have a lid set askew on the box so that it blocks them from flying out, but still allows plenty of ventilation.

I will post pictures soon.  It's been just a week, and each chick has more than doubled in size and grown beautiful wings.  They are even getting their tail feathers.  So cute!

This is the only time naming our pets has been easy.  They are:  Loretta, Prudence, Maggie, Sadie, Martha, and Lucy (aka Princess Yellow).  Can you guess the theme?